The importance of play in a child’s development can never be overestimated and we believe that through play children can discover vital learning skills, gain confidence and a greater understanding of life.  By addressing the eight areas of the “Curriculum for Excellence” we aim to inspire all children to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 

The Curriculum is split into eight areas and lists experiences and outcomes for each area. By providing a variety of high quality experiences through a variety of planned activities and free play, the children have the opportunity to access a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum providing breadth, depth and challange.

The eight areas of the curriculum are Health and Well-being, Literacy and English, Numeracy and Mathematics, Expressive Arts, Sciences, Technologies, Social Subjects and Religious and Moral Education though learning ranges across all areas and one area is frequently reinforced by others.

The purpose of the Curriculum at this early stage is to support children in all aspects of their emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.  It should enable them to become increasingly eager to progress in their learning. We do this by providing a wide range of resources and activities, for example:

table-top construction, jigsaw puzzles, early mathematics games for matching, sorting, counting etc., early technological equipment, a large selection of paints, crayons, dough, plasticine, junk materials and a range of writing materials etc., sand tray, water tray, building materials and interest objects, books, both fact and fiction, dressing up clothes, scale version toys e.g. train set, dolls house etc., home corner consisting of bedroom area, kitchen/dining area and various props.

(this changes in line with children's interests e.g. a dentist surgery, hospital, train station, post office etc.), musical instruments, climbing frame, slides, tunnels, parachute, obstacle courses, balance bikes, scooters, assorted ball games equipment, balancing equipment and large construction.




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