The importance of play in a child’s development can never be overestimated and we believe that through play children can discover vital learning skills, gain confidence and a greater understanding of life.  By addressing the eight areas of the “Curriculum for Excellence” we aim to inspire all children to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 

The Curriculum is split into eight areas and lists experiences and outcomes for each area. By providing a variety of high quality experiences through a variety of adult led, adult initiated and child led experiences,the children have the opportunity to access a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum providing breadth, depth and challange.

How we feel about ourselves and others influences everything we do.  Curriculum for Excellence helps staff promote nurturing learners, which will help them develop the knowledge and skills they need for their everyday lives.

Children are a vital aspect when planning for the nursery.  The staff spend time with the children, we talk to them, observe them in their play and always listen to what they have to say.  According to UNICEF " Every child has the right to be heard."


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