Enrolment & Registration

To enrol your child with the Nursery we operate a waiting list as follows:

Names can be placed on the waiting list at any time by contacting the Nursery Manager or administrator and by then completing and returning a waiting list entry form. Names are added to the list in order of the date on which the initial contact with the Nursery is made. Nursery places are offered to children in strict order of the date of their waiting list entry for each registration year. Please Note: East Dunbartonshire Council only provide funding for children residing within their post code area. Where there are insufficient places to meet the demand, the following criteria will come into force:

1. Proirity will be given to children who are resident within East Dunbartonshire Council.

2. Prioirty will be given to children who are choosing to attend the nursery for the full sessions.

3. Children identified and referred to the Nursery as having a particular need will be given priority over strict adherence to the waiting list

4.  Priority will then be given to children with older siblings already attending the Nursery

5.  Priority will then be given to children in their pre-school year

6.  Priority will then be given to ante-pre-school children

    The waiting list will be monitored to ensure that all sections of the community are being reached and to ensure no discrimination is taking place on grounds of gender or ethnic background of children in the nursery

Having a child's name on the waiting list does not guarantee a place at the Nursery

Parents and carers are required to register their pre-school or ante-pre-school child online with East Dunbartonshire Council in order to secure their funding and must re-register for each year their child attends Nursery. The Nursery can assist parents with this if required at our annual Registration and Open Afternoon in January.

Please complete the form below if you would like your child's name to be on the waiting list and return it to the Nursery:

Waiting List Entry Form


Bishopbriggs Community Church

21 Park Avenue


G64 2SN

MOB. 07908 065079

Email: administrator@bishopbriggsvillagenursery.co.uk